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As a company we have been very busy recently working with many of our valued clients, recently its been SEO, SEO and more SEO.

E solutions Webdesign our sister company focuses on high quality web design and Search Engine Marketing, www.esolutionswebdesign.co.uk

We always start with the keyword research, its so important to ensure that you are playing for a group of keywords that will allow the client to get traffic and also be on page one of Google for those search terms.

To do this we need to understand how the business works and what its clients will most probably type to find the services of that company. Once we know what the keywords are we look at as many ways as we can to creatively build the site around these keywords.

Many people don’t even look at  on page SEO, they will spend fortunes on website development and often back-linking without paying attention to the on page SEO. This is where they go wrong often if the on page SEO is tight enough you dont even need off page SEO unless you are in a very competative niche.

Having E solutions webdesign and Social Media training also allows us to  help our clients integrate all elements of their online infrastructure so that they can maximise the investment.

Why not contact us to discuss just how we can help you and your business to grow the business by linking ALL elements of the online Marketing infrastructure.



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